Changes in attitudes…

Now I’m not saying you have an attitude problem ~ but I am saying your room(s) may have one. Color affects your world in many different ways ~ including directly affecting your mood! For example, studies have shown that yellow increases your appetite (bye-bye sunny yellow kitchens, unless you have a high metabolism), red can actually make you angry (no red master suites if you want to stay with your current partner), and green is soothing (can you say “spahhhh”?).

When you decide on what color family you would like to paint your room (blues, greens, khakis, etc.), there is a secret to picking the exact right color. And it does involve putting a sample of the color in your room ~ BUT IT DOES NOT INVOLVE PAINTING SPLOTCHES ON YOUR WALLS!!! We refer to this as “patchwork painting” and it is a huge no-no. And this is why ~ when you put up different shades of paint on the same wall, they begin to reflect off one another. You cannot get a true sense of how the whole wall will look in one color because of this. Here is the secret:

Take a 24X24 board and paint it with ONE color that you are considering. Place that sample board around the room and view it at different times of the day and night. When you just paint one board and move it around it isn’t fighting with other paint choices and shows you exactly how that color will appear on your walls.


Size is NOT everything. Especially when it comes to calling on a designer…

Some people have the preconceived notion that you can only have an interior designer help you if you have a large home.

False, false, false.

We have clients that have homes 1200 square feet up to 26,000 square feet. No matter how large or small the home, we always use great design and good taste.

Actually, smaller homes are more fun to design because it doesn’t take as much to achieve a great look.


And large homes can be just as challenging as a small home to design and decorate.


We as Interior Designers are not there to intimidate, but to help! When we are assisting our clients we prefer to educate when introducing design ideas. Once a client understands the reasons why we recommend or design a certain way, they are much more comfortable and excited about the plans.

We also offer design classes through Roanoke County that teach the fundamental understanding of Interior Design and this ultimately helps with the communication between client and Designer!

Randall Neely and Nicole Stephens Foley
Randall Neely and Nicole Stephens Foley

And we are off! (our rockers!)

Randall and I have decided to join social media and blog about all of the interesting and wonderful things that happen in OUR world of design. Every day is a new adventure ~ especially for me (Nicole). Randall has been producing beautiful designs for over 20 years and he graciously agreed to take me on as his protégée. Lucky for me and a lot of extra work for him!

Randall and I have been working together for over a year now and it is amazing the amount of time, work, and organizing that go into creating designs to match homes and personalities. It is challenging, exhausting, exhilarating and just a little bit crazy.

This blog is going to be for you ~ the homeowner, renter, or design enthusiast. We will be posting tutorials on how to do things from choosing color schemes to rearranging furniture to anything else our little brains can think of. We will also share stories and pictures of designs that we have created for clients, our showroom, or even for ourselves.

We look forward to this step into our future ~ and we hope you enjoy stepping into our design world. Our crazy, wonderful, inspired world filled with textures, colors, ideas and lots of laughter.

More to come…

Randall and Nicole