How about dis-MANTLE?

Pardon the pun in the above title, but sometimes I just can’t help myself.

Mantles seem to be a point of contention for many people when they are decorating. Randall and I LOVE to decorate mantles, and here is why ~ Mantles and fireplaces are the focal points of a room, and they should be a culmination of the rooms colors, motif and your personal style.

Our first consideration when we design a mantle configuration is to choose accessories with something in common ~ either in color, motif or texture. Next, we decide on symmetrical or asymmetrical placement. Symmetrical placements are balanced by one side looking identical to the other. This is considered proper and is a more formal or traditional setting. Asymmetrical tend to be more exciting and fun. We achieve this by creating balance with the two sides being unlike. An example would be placing two candle holders and a live plant on one side balanced by a an urn and a candle holder on the other side. Sometimes we throw in some leather bound books as risers or group them between items. Finally, we choose at least one larger or more dramatic piece to be the focal point in the center.

DSC00587 In this picture, we used a leather box to raise the urns and clock that are in the middle. Our focal point is a carving that is faux stone ~ very dramatic.

DSC00589Note that on this mantle we layered pictures. The larger picture is hung on the wall and the smaller is leaning up against it. The colors are complimentary and it makes for a more exciting and artistic look.

Don’t be afraid to try different objects on your mantle. Move things around and have fun. Let your mantle be an extension of your personality and your home.


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